Iraqi-Jordanian economic conference next Monday with the reopening of the crossing post

2016/5/28 14:56


On Monday, after an economic conference in the Jordanian capital of Oman to discuss economic cooperation between Iraq and Jordan.

And Congress entitled [Conference Jordan and Iraq.. future prospects], in conjunction with the opening of the border post crossing between the two countries, which Iraq declared full control of him, and very soon, the slot is expected after the liberation of the city and expelled the terrorist Islamic State to gangs.

Participants discussed at the Conference, three axis head, Iraqi-Jordanian ventures investment, trade and industry and future prospects and obstacles to bilateral trade and investment.
Iraqi Council Chief in Jordan n_ziimez Jordan newspaper tomorrow, "the Conference is a real opportunity to discuss the prospects of economic cooperation in the next stage after opening the borders and eliminate terrorism of Islamic State gang".

Saadi reiterated that Jordan, an important economic partner of his country, and port the President of Iraq's imports and rebuild.

Economists estimated the cost of the two losses by closing the border post crossing hundreds of millions of dollars and hope for compensation.