Wasit start extracting sulphur from ahdab and confirm: produce 200 thousand barrels

05/28/2016 13:09


Wasit provincial Council announced on Saturday, started production of sulfur for the first time at the ahdab oil field, West of Kut, and came back to this production will enhance the capacity of national industry, revealed that the oil production rate of humpback and fields 200 000 barrels reached Pedra.

Energy Committee Chairwoman in Wasit Governorate Council publicly, in an interview with hope (long press), that "oil staffs working in ahdab oil (23 km west of Kut), and for the first time of the preliminary card sulphur production to 15 tons per day", explaining that "this amount of production represent the first stage of sulphur production project.

Promised publicly, "sulfur will contribute to strengthening national industry, many industrial uses", asserting that "production will rise exponentially in subsequent period besides the exploitation of associated gas production in other areas."

Publicly, she said, that "crude oil production rates of humpback and Pedra fields rose to 200, 000 barrels a day, with 160 thousand barrels of ahdab and 40 thousand barrels of badra field after it was about 180, 000 barrels a day, a sign that" my Chinese OASIS invested because ahdab field, Russian wekazbrom invested so far have drilled Pedra 200 oil wells. "

Publicly revealed, that "153 wells has entered into actual production, 13 wells in the field" hunchback 140 Pedra, likely to exceed the daily oil production of 350, 000 barrels a day, if you complete the rest of the wells and linked to the production system.

The Wasit governorate includes oil fields first is ahdab peak capacity by 200 thousand barrels, featuring field which was discovered in 1979 and invested by the Chinese, the second oasis is a field oil announced Badrah in the second round of licensing end 2009 and currently managed by the Coalition kasbrom, which peak production capacity of 170 000 barrels.