Baghdad Operations Command , constantly blocking social networking sites recommend

2016-05-27 23:37:03 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Security chiefs held in Baghdad operations, on Friday evening, a quick meeting to evaluate the performance of forces in the face of the demonstrators.

Revealed a senior source in the leadership of operations for leaders praise the performance of the security forces prevented the demonstrators from crossing the bridge of the Republic, adding that the leaders were unanimous on the necessity of continuing to block social networking sites for a period of at least a week.

The source said that "leaders believe that Facebook is the only site that mobilizes through the demonstrators, and agree through it dates and times for demonstrations , " noting that the Baghdad Operations Command submitted its report to the General Commander of the Armed Forces , which will hold a meeting with security chiefs shortly.

And blocked the government, on Friday morning, the social networking "Facebook" site in all areas of the capital.

A number of users of social networking "Facebook" sites in the capital of Baghdad to block the service, on Friday morning, suddenly.