Rafidain bloc: the unresolved federal court sessions of parliament will affect the file of the next sessions

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News saw the head of Iraq's parliamentary bloc MP Kanna, said the lack of resolution of the Federal Court for the legitimacy of two sessions of parliament last month will affect the next sessions.

He said we were told {Euphrates News}, "if decided by the Federal Court on the Council of Representatives, all parties will stick including Tibet him; because its decisions binding, but the lack of a decision rule will affect the parliamentary sessions; and that the existence of a dispute over the legitimacy of the two sessions of the parliament are scheduled for 14 and 26 last month, where he says of a meeting on the 26th that there is no legitimacy to the hearing on 14, and during which the vote on the dismissal of the board of the presidency; and due to lack of quorum, as he says of the contract on 14 meeting that day 26 is the constitutionality of a session, and that the dispute be resolved by the court Federal, lack of decisiveness will impact negatively on the future meetings. "

The Federal Supreme Court decided to unite to challenge the constitutionality of the two sessions of the House of Representatives last month in lawsuits, claiming one; and that the unity of the subject and the parties.

The spokesman for the judiciary Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar, "The Supreme Federal Court plenary held a hearing on the appeal in the two sessions of the House of Representatives lawsuits over the past month," explaining that "the meeting saw the unification of suits shorthand for the time and effort; and because the subject of this litigation is one, and the edges as well, "noting that" the court heard the statements of the parties, and their agents and their comments in detail. "

The court had heard the words of prosecutors about what happened in the meetings which had been challenged the constitutionality of their contract, and then began to listen to pleading the defense of the board of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives.

It is said that the Federal Court declared in 12 of this month received three claims made by the House of Representatives was unconstitutional sessions, indicating that "the Court today also received three other claims made by the minister lent to challenge the decision of a pink slip; for the unconstitutionality of the meeting, which has the impeachment." Over 1 h