Keywords stop 300 companies transform financial and banking deal

2016-05-27 17:04:03 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Detecting a news article published on Friday, announced the arrival of the Commission of a competent US combat financial intelligence department staff to Baghdad and set up at the US Embassy for the purpose of expansion for the purpose of coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq.

The author of the article, "he was deprived of 300 money transfer company and banking deal, where they are provided with the central bank every week with information on the companies and the Iraqi banks by suspicions of money smuggling, fraud, money laundering , " pointing out that " the bank literally implement the recommendations of this committee provide him with weekly information on Iraqi companies and the banks that the suspicions of money smuggling, fraud or money laundering. "

The central bank is committed to "fully committed" the instructions of the US Committee, according to the article , which he said " was amended and revised instructions that allow the entry auction currency writer."

The article says the owner of a meeting held by the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords last Wednesday, to employers Iraqi banking and financial institutions informed them that the policy of the central bank is past and that the central bank would accept to keep the Ten banks operate only in the Iraqi financial market, also threatened the adoption of "degrees of classification "by the central bank.

According to the author of the article, the Keywords that "wants to protect the country and its assets and announce the time of separation cuddle and Aldla banks" , he also knows for sure disaster that might get , "warning of the possibility of the US Committee in the US embassy Posting the names of a number of companies are freezing or off for work with them for the purpose of investigation, or issue a command to stop these companies once and for all the work and to bring to justice to all, not just fined by the Central Bank of Iraq.

And warns the writer of the article from the collapse of the credit situation in Iraq in the event of the Commission in the embassy informed the US Central Bank of Iraq for "five or six Iraqi banks names", where it is freezing its work and forwarded to the judiciary and the courts, to be the central bank obliged to act in accordance with the Commission 's recommendations.

And can the Americans, according to the author of the article, Shell any bank financial ability of feeding it with the correspondent bank outside Iraq, pointing out that the application of the central bank to these instructions mean that Iraqis depositors ' money at risk, and that thousands of employees will be in the dismissed government and are added to the unemployed Army for work in Iraq , in addition to the offending effects of such decisions.