Al-araji: paramilitary blocs agreed on the final draft of the National Conference, which will be discussed tomorrow

Date: Monday, 02-04-2012 11: 52 am

Baghdad (newsletter) ... According to the National Alliance Deputy//and a member of the Preparatory Committee for the Baha Al-araji, national meeting, the Preparatory Committee will meet Tuesday to arrange the final draft agreed Peninsula between the political blocs.
Al-araji said in a statement received (News Agency news) on Monday: we are keen for the drawer all Iraqi problems, whether political or legal or political differences between the clusters or between the Federal Government and the Government of the territory, and at the same time we want to be a constitutional solution.
He said: it must be a working map solutions for Iraq after the withdrawal of the occupant, inviting political blocs to take be interactive and take into consideration the interests of Iraq and Iraqis.
Noted: that the national meeting will be Thursday, the Iraqi list meeting passionate to solve all outstanding problems./finished/d/s.