Shiite leadership: the final battle to retake Fallujah begin within days.

May 27, 2016

Baghdad (Reuters)-

the leader of one of the largest armed Shiite Muslim groups that are involved with the Iraqi army in the process of restoring Fallujah stronghold of Islamic State Friday, the final battle to recapture the city starts in days, not weeks.

Hadi al Amri, head of the Badr is backed by Iran, that the first phase that started Monday is almost over, complete with full cerclage town located 50 km west of Baghdad.

Ameri spoke wearing military clothes, television theatre while he was Prime Minister Haider Abadi standing at his side, he is dressed as Iraqi counterterrorism troops.

Ameri had said earlier this week that the Shiite paramilitary coalition known as the popular crowd, will participate only in the cordon and leave the army stormed the city.

He said the popular mobilization forces would enter the city unless the Army attack failed.