Specialists: cooperative system drives the economy and address the housing crisis

5/26/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab
Called for an economic expert and member of the Iraqi Council of Economic Society Dr. Akram Abdel Aziz, to develop a strategy for the award of the cooperative sector, which constitutes the backbone of economic development and financial stability of many countries plan.

Confirmed in an economic paper presented at a seminar held by the Yarmouk Cooperative Society Housing in Baghdad and attended by a number of media including «morning« the importance of a role for the sector amid a severe crisis experienced by Iraq requires real economic pause include a quick government measures.

She said Abdul Aziz: The important cooperative sector and is due to appear in Iraq 80 years ago, works with the slogan Union, strength, work, and takes a humanitarian and Khaddmaa dimension and social equality, stressing his success since the founding of the state as it scored an active role during the nineties of the last century, and contributed to the revival of the industry local jobs provided by the various associations projects.

New associations

Abdul Aziz pointed to the possibility of the introduction of an upgraded laws to establish new associations to be a resource and strength of the economy and regulate financial life and contribute to solving the economic crisis facing the country.

She in turn a member of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives lawmaker olive-Dulaimi, the idea may find the way to a solution for the economy, provided the introduction of various cooperative societies in economic projects and is worthy of financial regulation and strategic.

Dulaimi and drew to shopping and shopping families of cooperative societies the fact that goods prices suitable good product which, as well as treat a number of them installment system, noting the importance of the use of the ideas and capabilities of the cooperative sector and benefit from its expertise, to contribute to the public hand operation and to maintain price stability.

And confirmed by the economic paradise in Parliament MP Nora Albjara work within Alganhaly unfreeze some laws cooperative materials for associations and unions, issued by the Coalition Provisional defunct authority after 2003, and remain, uncertain quest to hold a workshop and a seminar and then extended conference cooperative system and the role of looking cooperative societies that form a raw vibrant economy.

Collaborative work

Albjara showed the need for a cooperative regulatory role for families and employment, with overcoming the difficulties and follow-up with the government and all relevant authorities to ensure the smooth flow of the relationship collaborative work.


For its part stressed President Yarmouk Cooperative Society Housing Chancellor Najat Hussein on the role of all co-operative societies in addressing the current economic crisis, indicating the use of government cooperative associations in the nineties of the last century, and succeeded in mitigating the effects of international sanctions, then and now, instead of activating our work, we find among the obstacles
Challenge him.

Hussein showed the need to revitalize the cooperative societies, and the allocation of a special budget under the direct supervision of a crisis cell, along with the flexibility of implementation of the decisions and instructions pertaining to the municipal and real estate and the tax side.

He pointed out the opinion of economic media center by Imad al-Dulaimi, to the importance cancel all decisions issued, including identification of ownership outside the geographic area of ​​residence and birth, being makes real estate prices are high in the City district, and low in other population by population and its significance

He concluded his speech al-Dulaimi, referring to the importance of the definition of a multi-faceted cooperative work system through the establishment of seminars, workshops and conferences focusing on this aspect, as well as activating the role of the media to promote a culture of community and street outreach in this regard.