Investment review them .. «planning»: Delete the 2170 project of the Five-Year Plan

May 26, 2016 15:57
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The Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation confirmed that «Daash» and falling oil prices caused Ptnhev five-year plan projects, at a time when the priority now is shown to the implementation of the projects is a dye service, and projects that the country's economic resources, confirmed the deletion 2169 project and postponed 269 until further notice.

He said ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi said in a press interview, said that «the circumstances experienced by Iraq of control Daash and the decline in oil prices significantly impact very heavily on the slimming process with the Lord in the five-year plan of projects and activation of other sectors of development».

Hindawi said he «In light of these developments the ministry has worked to re-examine many of the details of the plan, particularly the aspect of investment projects».

He went on to say, that «we have a great package of projects in various fields implemented by the government, whether by the ministries or local governments in the provinces».

Among al-Hindawi, that «the ministry reconsidered and prioritize projects that were up to 6 thousands of a project under the new financial situation in Iraq».

He pointed out that he «has been deleted 2169 projects, including the postponement of 269 until further notice, while the rest up to 4500 the project has been divided into categories which are performed by investment and others through payment on credit and the other through the budget, particularly those important projects which reached the percentage completion of where to more than 80%. »

He said al-Hindawi, that «the ministry is working within this framework and in coordination with other ministries to maintain the continuation of projects due to the financial crisis facing Iraq».

He pointed out that «our attention and our priority is the implementation of projects related service dye that relate to water, sewage, electricity and oil, as well as projects that the country's economic resources, that is supportive of the economy».

The Ministry of Planning in a report released by the beginning of May of this said, the total cost of the damage inflicted by the «terrorist acts» state institutions estimated B36.6 trillion dinars, or the equivalent of about $ 31.4 billion for the period between 2004 and 2016.

He said Planning Minister Salman Jumaili in the report that the damage to Iraqi ministries are estimated at 35 trillion dinars (about thirty billion dollars), while the estimated damage to the approaching is associated with the Ministries of 1.6 trillion dinars (1.4 billion dollars).

Jumaili said the damage to the infrastructure of the provinces (local administrations only) are estimated at 154.99 billion dinars (133 million dollars).

The minister pointed out that the Ministry of Defence is the hardest hit among the ministries with losses of 15.35 trillion dinars.

At the provincial level have first place in Anbar, where the damage is estimated at 107 billion dinars came.

At the level of «non-related to the Ministry» The Central Bank is the most affected, as losses amounted to 708 billion dinars, according to the Minister of Planning.

Jumaili explained that these estimates are limited to state institutions only losses do not include damage caused to citizens, or effects that are priceless «Thus was another mechanism is based on the work on the recovery of such effects in coordination with United Nations organizations and international police put».