Fallujah‬ FREE

The Press Office of the prime minister
Thursday, 26-5-2016

The Prime Minister, general commander of the armed forces of the Dr. Haider Al-Abadi: Iraqi National gathering in the process of liberalization of fallujah. Our objective is to protect their children and save them from ISIS

In his second visit to interrupt the operations of fallujah since its launch before four days, Mr. Prime Minister, general commander of the armed forces of the Dr. Haider Al-Abadi to Iraqi National gathered in this national effort to liberate the fallujah, which participated in the military and police forces of the federal and local
And the fight against terrorism and popular mobilization and clan and all citizens, stating that the liberation of the sons of fallujah and protect them from the killings and displacement and torture, which is at the hands of gangs, ISIS is the objective of the liberation of fallujah and our troops.

The Heroine of all kinds of her fight. Terrorists and protect the citizens.

The General Commander of the armed forces of the Dr. Haider Al-Abadi to headquarters fallujah this morning with the speaker of the house of Dr. Salim Al-Jabouri and head dental stay Dr. Sheikh Abdul Latif Lhmym and minister of planning Dr. Salman Al-jumaily and other officials.

And may the commander in chief of the armed forces headquarters in Fallujah, operations meeting with the leadership of the security and military calling to exert maximum efforts to protect civilians.

And sovereignty in the word of God during his meeting with the leaders of Fallujah: we started planning on how to return stability and reconstruction process for fallujah before editing and this is all us no discrimination among Iraqis late and we are witnessing today wrap citizens About their troops from the army and police and to mobilize people and want to defend the Iraqis, stressing the importance of Iraqi unit and to reject discrimination and careful who you trying to impress the sectarian and the misleading media red with honey and trying to save ldwạ‘sh, commending fighters from Sons of provinces all who sacrifice their lives in the battle of the liberation of Fallujah, regardless of their affiliation.

He invited Mr. Prime Minister, our young people to postpone their pretend until the liberation of fallujah because our troops busy liberation operations and that this fight requires considerable effort and events, and they are entitled to, put pressure on our forces to provide The necessary protection, underscoring the enemy unorthodox and caution is required because terrorism using any loophole may get.

For his part, he congratulated the president of the council of representatives in the word for Dr.-Abadi on his courageous step to launch the process of liberalization of fallujah and said it was a case of a national consensus and express the synergy of Iraqis and unite them from various affiliations and colors to complete The process of liberalization in fallujah and other cities of the liberated, stressing that the world awaits the liberation of Fallujah, and Mr. Al-jabouri battle against those who try to extract of fallujah Iraq and try to get it painted with terrorism and not against her people, the innocent of terror.

And those who will be us, the armed forces, police and volunteers from the popular crowd and clan, stressing that their sacrifices in our throats because they came from provinces and regions of the south or from Tikrit and minority communities, nationalities and different religions to participate Liberated the city of fallujah and give their blood for that, warning of attempts to crack the national grade and the community of the distinction between the sons of the Iraqi people.