Abbadi Office reveals faith groups do a "dangerous escalation" in Baghdad on Friday.

Thursday 26 May 2016 18:17

Sumerian news/Baghdad
The Prime Minister's information Office said Haider Abadi, Thursday, on the last version is the Ministry of Interior to protect citizens and public and private property in Baghdad, attributing the reason to the preoccupation of the military forces and the Baghdad operations command in Fallujah with revealing "certain groups" do a "dangerous escalation" in the capital on Friday.

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The Office said in a statement the Sumerian news received Abadi, a copy of it, "the Prime Minister ordered the Interior Department to carry out its tasks in protecting citizens and public and private property in the Centre of Baghdad, the military forces and was busy Baghdad operations command large military operations to liberate Fallujah and very flashy", noting that "through intelligence reports that certain groups are going to next Friday do dangerous escalation and the country is at war."

He said any confusion was unacceptable, especially if weak demonstrators staged attacks on security forces and Government buildings by force last Friday should be prohibited and impose the law. "

Abbadi had called earlier Thursday (26 May 2016), demonstrators to postpone the demonstration Friday, attributing the reason to the preoccupation of the security forces in the battle of liberation of Fallujah.