Joint operations: the third page entry and will pounce on the center of Fallujah

2016/5/26 15:01

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

spokesperson confirmed the joint operations command, Brigadier General Yahya Al-Zubaidi, encircling the center of Fallujah, stating that "the third page of the battle will be entering and pounce on aldwaash into the Center.

Zubaidi said in a press statement that "the great effort made by the joint forces of the popular crowd and security forces made great progress more quickly than expected," Noting "the high morale among the combatants in the various axes.

"Dozens of aldwaash were killed during the advance and dismantle hundreds of IEDs and blowing up dozens of car bombs and killed a number of Arabic and foreign leaders, noting that" aldwaash was monitored and confusion defeat and left their weapons across that aircraft with joint forces. "

"The Fallujah Center's collar was completed and the third page is entry and jump the Center, noting that the role of the troops is to preserve the lives of its citizens."