Parliamentary power: under Basra launch "bullet" death of national wealth

Since 2016-05-26 at 11:57 (Baghdad time)

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Oil and energy parliamentary Committee confirmed Thursday that under Basra is launching "bullet" death to national wealth.

The Committee said in a statement sent to Al-Mazini Attorney Mazen/balance of news/copy, that "under Basra for any international loan means mercy shot version of national wealth", showing his astonishment of "try to resort to such options.

The statement added that "generational wealth is oil and this procedure is considered the colonization of Iraqi oil".

He continued, "this second step which crippled Iraqi economy first in time who engineered us licensing rounds Shahristani in a way that made investment companies, controls the production and sums you take large debt service kajoor for these companies and the Government's inability to pay."

Criticizing Mazini said, "the local government and its silence, although Basra will never make anything of that purpose and may be more luck Kurdistan and Basra bore the risk of diseases and contaminated environment". over 29/34