Parliamentary economy put a study to re - examine the economic policy

Views 95 Date 26/05/2016 - 01:34

Economy News / special

Committee announced its economy and investment representative, will leave them study aims to re - examine the economic policy of the State and Tab budget expenditures in accordance with the current data.

Said committee member respond by Najib in an interview for "Economy News", a, the Finance Ministry turned a blind eye to report periodically on the objects of expenditure in the budget every 90 days, contrary to what has been agreed upon to review and approve the state budget within the Parliament Act.

She explained Najib said the report includes aspects of the rationalization of government spending and pressure on operating expenses and increase local revenues and stimulate industrial and agricultural loans, housing initiatives, he said , adding that the parliamentary committee is setting up a team comprising members of the Finance and Economic Committees and representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank, the Financial Inspection Office and other stakeholders.

It showed that the team will prepare a plan to deal with the economic challenges facing the country, and to reconsider economic policies, and to report to the House of Representatives on the general budget includes a follow - up to aspects of exchange and the rationalization of government spending.

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