Expert: Privatization need for the development of production and services

5/26/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Imad emirate
said economist d. Ammar al- Majid, said the activation of privatization and large - system in Iraq is out of the question for the time being for reasons of social challenges, despite being an effective economic system in the management of funds to ensure the achievement of the profits to the state.

Among Majid said in an interview »Sabah» need to search for the privatization of what can be privatized and investment can be invested in the service sectors, including does not affect negatively in the pattern of public life, with a view to activating the investment and revive the economy , including the Aatqata with the general social situation.

He explained that the removal of subsidies for example , the education sector, the sudden and unstudied will reduce the number of students from the school, as well as the case with the health sector, indicating the need to speed up the solution of internal challenges to the process of economic and social investment that is necessary to coincide with the investment in the infrastructure sector, to provide investment climate appropriate and create a climate for privatization. resolve the crisis and pointed out that among the midwife for the privatization of sectors, without negative effects, investment in the electricity sector to contract with private companies to contribute to solving the power crisis that the public sector 's inability to resolve them yet, but the fact that the private sector looking for profit can provoke solve the problem shortest time. He pointed to the possibility of private sector investment in the field of telecommunications, as recent studies suggest to be the most profitable trade at the moment is the telecommunications trade (mobile phones and services wireless transmitter and the internet in particular).

Majid confirmed the existence of the opportunities available for investment through privatization of transport different kinds of Gaza, land and air and water, and put to the investment before the public and private sectors, being one of the sectors her economy needs is particularly due to the large passenger numbers for the purposes of religious tourism at home or traveling abroad.

GDP and called Majid to activate the investment as soon as possible in the industrial sector being one of the basic pillars that GDP ratio raises in the economy of each country aspires to thrive , stressing that the privatization of the industrial sector contributes to the activation of a strategy to rely on the transition to self - sufficiency.

He glorious to become the first step in the rehabilitation of Iraqi factories within all disciplines productivity, the most important food plants to provide all that is needed consumer and protect the poor food goods entering Iraq on the one hand and to provide hard currency on the other.

activating the investment and concluded glorious Speaking reference to investment in the agricultural both parts plant wealth and livestock sector, indicating that begin investing in agricultural resources sector requires the provision of agricultural equipment, machinery and special provision of seeds, fertilizer and distributed at a subsidized price or a soft batches money between stakeholders, and can also activate investment in the livestock sector through the rehabilitation of the whole life cycle, such as the production of chicken hatcheries provide, and the provision of special breeding poultry eggs two sections fields and fattening birds and then provide the massacres and canneries.