Dollar exchange disorder raises the price of goods

May 25, 2016 17:09

Author: alzawraapaper

Baghdad / follow Zora:

Attribute more wholesalers in Iraq rise of imported goods of all kinds price to the turmoil at the price of US dollar in the Iraqi market and an increase of customs taxes imposed on the entry of these goods outlets border, especially cigarettes and alcohol ratio due to be classified as one of the goods It is necessary to add some other goods such as perfumes, accessories and cosmetics , which ranked among the cosmetic goods, while this rise included all the necessary consumer goods in the life of the Iraqi citizen.

And see , "Ammar al- Saidi , " the owner of a food store, that the advent of the month of Ramadan stands foremost first behind the rise in prices in the markets , and says that the rise because of the dollar higher taxes is the most important, Ammar adds that every need exists in the shop prices have risen 500 dinars Iraqi equivalent to 40 cents, especially canned goods , dried dates and fruits are imported.

Says Abu Younis networking that Note this rise in prices when he bought cigarettes foreign tray from the seller that the difference was worth far , two days before the 250 Iraqi dinars or 20 cents , almost, and there is a height of up to more than this amount for other types of cigarettes, Abu Younis adds that while all asked the seller why rally his response was due to the high dollar exchange rate.

Mentions that the Iraqi market is hardly rely to be entirely on imports from abroad and the conversion of hard currency to the exporting countries to Iraq of goods and products making the Iraqi market belonging to the supply and demand markets of those countries and this affects one way or another to the ordinary citizen by raising the prices of these goods by wholesalers Iraqis.

And took the dollar to rise gradually since December even arrived at its price rolling currently 129.5 while the experts are expected to continue the rise of exchange rates until they reach imaginary numbers because of the demand and the lack of a retail foreign currency by the Bank Central. It is expected Iraqi merchants higher prices will continue to the holy month of Ramadan , where will the market strong demand for commodities and goods by citizens in the absence of the ration card items almost be final.

The Cabinet decided in its meeting No. 217 for 2015, according to the circumstances through which Iraq, decided meet customs tariff wages starting from 08.01.2015 in all border crossing points imposed on goods entering the country, as well as taxes , including sales taxes on Kartat mobile recharge and purchase of imported cars in accordance with the law (32) general federal budget for Iraq for 2015. This decision has faced public opposition and formally applied to the extent of the establishment of popular demonstrations to prevent the application of the work done by the Iraqi citizens and activists of human rights Dealers, and the reason for the rejection is manifested not to be applied in all the ports, but confined to the perpetrators of Basra and other implementers and the exclusion of the Kurdistan Regional outlets of its application which leads to prejudice the right of traders who enter their goods through those ports, especially the port of Basra, for his part Basra Governorate Council rejected its application for the time being because of the absence of justice applied, while Iraqi traders say an increase of more than 15% of the shipment value ratio and this leads to added weakness the cost of shipment which Sadtrna that we raise prices in proportion to the size of the delivery to the Iraqi markets and expenses which in turn will reflect negatively on citizens and their income.

(source agency economic dinars).