Federal Court postpones consideration of a case to the sessions of Parliament next Sunday(Extended)

25/05/2016 14:52
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Federal Court decided on Wednesday to postpone consideration of a case to the sessions of parliament on Sunday.

The spokesman for the judiciary Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar, in a statement received (range Press), a copy of which, "The Federal Supreme Court held a plenary meeting to consider the appeal in two sessions of the House of Representatives lawsuits over the past month."

Bayraktar said that "the meeting witnessed the unification of suits shorthand for the time and effort; and because the subject of these cases one and its outskirts as well," pointing out that "the court heard the statements of the parties and their agents in detail and their comments."

He pointed out that he "decided to elect three experts from the Faculty of Information at Baghdad University for the purpose of CDs that belong to the meetings in terms of the number of attendees analysis Was their vote on making the entire issued, as well as internal and external circumstances that surrounded them, in addition to the diagnosis present in the second part of the session day 26 and see MP from the other. "

"The court decided to postpone consideration of the case to the ninth time on the 29th of May for the purpose of inviting experts to inform them of their mission and handed over what is under the hands of the court in addition to CDs."

The Federal Supreme Court held, on Wednesday, the first session to consider claims challenged in the two sessions of the House of Representatives, which were held during the month of April.

The federal judiciary in the announced (18 May 2016) for determining, on the 25th of May 2016, as the date for the first hearing on claims of appeal submitted Bgelsta the House of Representatives, which were held during the month of April, as called after President Fuad Masum in the ( 21 May 2016), the Federal Court to "accelerate the exceptional" to resolve the problem of the House of Representatives.

It is noteworthy that the Federal Supreme Court called for in the (17 May 2016), the parties inviting me to appeal Bgelsta parliament sessions held in the past month to submit their answers within 15 days, and as pointed out it seeks to resolve the two cases in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the laws and regulations in force, confirmed that the hearings regarding invitations Tlguethma in which the (12 May 2016), will be made public.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives voted, in the (14 April 2016), during the meeting held by the sitters of Representatives headed by MP Adnan al-Janabi and the presence of 171 deputies, unanimously approved the dismissal of the Presidium of the parliament and the selection of al-Janabi, a President instead of Salim al temporarily.

And I saw the House of Representatives session 26 of the second legislative term of the second legislative year, which was held in the (26 April 2016), headed by Salim al-Jubouri, a unanimous vote on the nomination Ala rich and Minister of Health instead of Adila Hammoud meet James Baldwin, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, replacing Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese, and Hassan al-Janabi, a minister of water resources, instead of Mohsen al-Shammari, Ala Disher minister of electricity instead of Qasim al-Fahdawi, Abdul Razzaq al-Issa, Minister of Higher Education and scientific research, instead of Hussein al-Shahristani, and in order to vote on the candidate as foreign Sharif Minister Ali bin Al Hussein, failed parliament to grant confidence to the ministers of Education and Justice.

The thousands of demonstrators Sadrist movement stormed in (the thirtieth of April 2016), the Green Zone and the building of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the center of Baghdad, to protest against the lack of comprehensive reforms, ministerial and change, and besieged parliament officials and some lawmakers after the destruction of the Council courtroom furniture.