Arab Contractors calls for investors to take advantage of projects worth $ 21 billion in Iraq

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Called Arab Contractors Union, the Arab countries to invest in Iraq and the implementation of the reconstruction of its infrastructure projects, noting that the projects available value there is approximately $ 21 billion, while the Iraqi Ambassador to Jordan stressed that the reconstruction of Iraq is a factor, "head of the fight against terrorism," indicating that Iraq has "made a lot" for all and expected the Arabs and the international community to assist in reconstruction.

This came during a conference and exhibition (Arab Iraq .. Reconstruction and Investment 2016), organized by the Union in collaboration with the Ministry of Works and Housing of Jordan, for the period from 22-24 of May 2016, in the capital, Amman, with the participation of hundreds of Arab businessmen and foreigners, according to the newspaper Jordan Times The Jordan Times Jordan.

He said Union director, Fahad Al Hammadi, in his speech, "The conference is a real opportunity for Arab companies to identify opportunities for investment and reconstruction projects in Iraq," adding that "Iraq can secure projects and investment opportunities worth up to $ 21 billion, especially in the field of infrastructure reconstruction. "

He called Al Hammadi, the Arab countries to "provide something more to share the reconstruction of Iraq," urging Arab financial and banking institutions because "exercised its active role in the reconstruction of Iraq through funding for projects to secure."

For her part, the Iraqi ambassador to Jordan, Safiya al-Suhail, during the conference, that "Jordan can contribute an important role in the reconstruction of Iraq" and called on business to "develop a partnership contribute about actively in the reconstruction of Iraq."

Suhail said, "The reconstruction of Iraq is a key factor to fight terrorism," asserting that "Iraq has given a lot to all and expected the Arabs and the international community to assist in reconstruction."

A spokesman for the Federation of Arab Contractors, Awad Zain, said in media statements that the exhibition accompanying the conference, held on an area of ​​1,500 square meters, is aimed at construction and property development sectors, equipment and construction materials, and the infrastructure of water, electricity, communications and transport, and financial institutions and banks, indicating the conference is an opportunity for Arab and Jordanian companies and representatives of contracting and construction and property development sectors and investors, to identify projects and investment opportunities in Iraq, and partnerships between the various companies and open investment channels through Jordan with Iraq.

And include the work of the conference, eight sessions in which Iraqi officials displays the available investment opportunities and projects completed and stalled, present and future in various sectors, and the size of the necessary financing, especially the needs of the reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist attacks and liberated, and the vision of the Iraqi ministries of those projects, and offering the role of unions and banks Iraqi and Arab programs and international organizations working in construction, investment and possibilities of financing and lending, as well as the Iraqi Ministry of Finance and the guarantees that can be offered.

Iraqi officials also presents the Iraqi investment law and legislation on reconstruction and investment, and the role of Iraqi and Arab banks in the reconstruction and investment, as well as the role of international organizations operating programs in Iraq and what they offer programs and funding

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