On April fools .. One of them has convinced his friends that Maliki will announce his abdication from power and the release of detainees
On: Sun 01/04/2012 10:47

Baghdad (news) ... held by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during a press conference a few hours announcing the abdication of power, and the release of all detainees, the Prime Minister has also decided to return all former army officers, without exception.
Sorry state of President Nuri al-Maliki, they launched April Fools on the path of Tamimi and his friends who in turn ratified at the same time the Prime Minister has already held a press conference today when talking about a number of issues concerning the country, and the Arab summit and political developments both internal and external.

Reporter Agency (news) on tour this morning at the University of Baghdad and spoke with the path of Tamimi, a university student, said: Since the early morning and when I arrived to the university told my friends that the Prime Minister will hold a press release announcing the abdication of power, and the release of all detainees, he also decided to the return of all former army officers, without exception.

He said Tamimi: All not believe me but I persuaded them, after the agreement with one of my friends that come after me, to speak the same subject, and believe me that when they considered a bold step-Maliki.

But Mary Awhita˙a It is also a university student said: I always try not to believe any news or story on the first day of April in each year, to avoid falling victim to the same general rumor or a lie nonwoven good of friends or relatives.

Despite the caution and precision, which prepared her Baidhani but time in the trap, says: Every year I fall into the trap of my friends and my friends and sometimes with my brothers, but I am this year, I warned him, and signed Balfaj again, where he called me one of my colleagues from the mobile phone of a friend of his did not I know him, and said: "Excuse me sister Mary, I am Sarmad I do not want too long I want to express to your speech, how enable access to your family?, and add Awhita˙a: ratified it and I gave him the title home, but I am after a little surprised that there is sleeping by my friends and my friends in college.

While awaiting Saad Issa this day every year eagerly, preparing Vistad dumps for light entertainment, modern communication technologies allow phone as messages and social networking sites more room for the exchange and dissemination of entertaining news stories fabricated on a larger scale.

Issa, who said to the reporter (agency news), which excludes the victim of April Fools' because of his readiness prior to this day, as people exchange congratulations and blessings by the festivals and happy occasions of the various, share Jesus and his friends lies and jokes on the first day of April each year.

Ahmed says Schuller It is also a university student: April Fools' beautiful and has signed several times and sometimes create a problem for me with my friends, because it was just a big lie and influenced me greatly.

He lipoidica: a tradition does not belong to our society and our Arab culture because of its negative effects on individuals and society, Falczbh simple sometimes lead to wound or damage to myself or healthy Kalzbb a heart attack or high blood sugar or blood pressure, and cause sometimes planted differences between individuals single-family or between friends.

April Fool or April Fool is usually practiced by many people in the world in the first of April each year, by fooling your friends or neighbors or publishing lies in order to believe her other, in order to put them in embarrassing situations.
Why is the first of April?

The calendar year begins the month of April, not the month of January (January) is that the French King Charles IX in 1564 AD by making the beginning of the year in January instead of April But under some people celebrate it in the first of April, as usual, and then called them victims of the April and became the usually banter with friends and relatives on that day popular in France, which spread to other countries and has spread widely in England by the seventeenth century AD. He became the first April is the day when lying is permissible in all peoples of the world with the exception of the two peoples, Spanish and German and the reason that this day is a sacred religious in Spain while in Germany it falls on the birth of "Bismarck," the German leader known.

Others argue that there is a relationship between lying in early April and the festival "Holly" is known in India and is celebrated by Hindus on 31 March of each year means the night of the first of April and when the other tasks of false just to play and publicity do not reveal the truth about their lies this only evening on the first day of April. Some say that the month of April is located in the spring with the spring, people like to joke and fun.

In the first of April / April 1774 published a German newspaper published in Berlin news that scientists have concluded that if you want to color feathers Djajatk, you just need to paint the walls of the room color that you want to turn chicken feathers gradually to that color ... It appears that many people may believe this as the joke that some of them wrote the paper after they painted the walls and chicken feathers, but the color has not changed!

In 1957 the BBC aired a program about family trees are grown in Switzerland for the pasta and received contacts to inquire about this "plant".

In 1962, called on the only television station in Sweden, which broadcast in black and white televisions viewers to make the color of nylon chips put it .. And viewers trying.

In 1988, broadcast on the BBC that he and the influence of the planet Jupiter will ease Earth's gravity at 9 and 45 minutes so that it jumps into place at that minute, will find himself flying in the air for several seconds! Interestingly, many people contacted the station and confirmed that it had actually happened to them!, And finally Beware of April Fools on the Internet has lead to the destruction of your Pfyrus!! . / End / 33. J. N /