The new electricity minister vows to address Jabouri power outage

2016/5/25 16:14

[Oan- Baghdad]

Minister of Electricity voter by Alaa Disher pledge during a meeting with Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri address power outages.

A statement by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, for al-Jubouri confirmed "the need to speed up procedures to deal with shortages of electricity, especially with the advent of summer and increased demand for electric power by the citizens."

For his part, Minister of Electricity During the meeting, the new "vision and future plans to upgrade the power supply and address the shortage of processing, stressing his determination to find effective solutions that contribute to it."

The Ministry of Electricity announced yesterday that it will provide "satisfactory hours" for citizens of the processing of electricity, during the month of Ramadan, which falls in June.

The spokesman said the ministry Musab teacher's [where] that "the Ministry of Electricity is working on to be there sick hours to the citizens in the month of Ramadan," noting that "the ministry has reached the limits of processing 12 000 MW and will exceed this figure in the holy month of Ramadan."

He called the local provincial council that "committed allocated by the Ministry of Electricity quotas", he underlined that "overtaking on its allocated quota affects the capital, Baghdad."

And the teacher said, "provincial equipped with electricity up 20 to 24 hours," noting that "the Ministry of Electricity equip the evening without interruption for all of Iraq," and expressed hope that "the citizen shall not extravagant and will be an hour-equipped and more satisfying."