Commerce launches 90 billion dinars from Saladin countrified benefits and allowance ration vocabulary.

2016/05/25 16:02


Saladin Province Council, announced on Wednesday, the Commerce Department approval to launch 90 billion dinars from peasant dues from marketing their crops to 2014, with confirmed that the approvals included ration vocabulary allowance to eligible County residents.

He said Chairman Salah al-Din Ahmed Karim's (range), he met Commerce Secretary Salman jumaili Agency and discussed my eligibility for farmers and citizens on the vocabulary of the ration card ".

He added, "the Minister informed us his consent to release more than 90 billion as part of the conservative peasant dues marketing agricultural crops for 2014," pointing out that "Exchange process will be launched in July.

He continued, "jumaili also approved ration vocabulary and allowance 28 000 beneficiaries," he said, adding that "the position of the Ministry of Commerce booster for parents of Saladin will ease the effects of crimes and disable ISIS for the reconstruction wheel before his expulsion from the liberated towns."

Prime Minister Haider Abadi,, (19 April 2016), launched the $ 300 billion dinars to pay ongoing peasant agriculture.

Iraqi Trade Ministry announced (22 February 2016), firing 50 billion dinars as a new batch of peasant dues to people marketing wheat, with the Finance Ministry carried responsibility for delays dues to "non-secured cash", she assured citizens provide wheat until the end of the year and strong global origins.

It is said that 65% of the Salahuddin province engaged in agriculture, while conservatism in 2013, it plans to plant 900 thousand acres of wheat and barley having trailed in production in 2012 and got over 413 billion dinars by marketing operations, out of a list of Iraq's poorest provinces, and was seeking to build six small dams to rainwater harvesting, tillage farming system but post (ISIS) killed many and destroyed.