Shawqi: Sunday session includes host Abadi to complete voting on the Cabinet cab

الساعة 14:10 (بتوقيت بغداد)

Special balance news

Detect Salim block mp Shawqi, Wednesday, that the Parliament session to be held next Sunday, includes hosting Abadi to complete voting on the cab.

Shawki said, to balance news, that "the Parliament session for next Sunday, includes hosting Prime Minister Haider Abadi to complete voting on the cab, and take the oath of Office to the Ministers who have been astizarhm."

He added, "they also display laws that reached a vote still pending", pointing out that "these laws of the amnesty law, where there is a high probability that the agreement to a vote.

Between a member of a legal Committee that "steam meeting Prime vision displayed about replacing independent bodies and special grades and positions."

Referred to the Presidency of the House of representatives met yesterday, headed by its Chairman Salim Al-jibouri, in the presence of the heads of political blocs, resulting from agreement to convene a session of Parliament next Sunday.