Ghaban: edit Fallujah on three stages and closer to the end the first ones [Extended]

2016/5/25 15:09

[Where - Anbar]

Detection and Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, said on Wednesday that the "liberation of Fallujah will be in three phases, and that the security forces approached the end of the first phase of it."

He Ghaban in a press statement during his stay on the outskirts of Fallujah, said that "the plan to liberate the city of Fallujah would be in three phases, the first in the encirclement of the city and the second sweep through neighborhoods liberated hemmed and third in the intrusion," pointing out that "the security forces approached the completion of the first phase." .

He pointed out, "The security forces have achieved major victories in a record time and clearing a wide range of areas and villages in the vine and in the outskirts of Fallujah."

He said the "guerrilla terrorist Daash trying to use civilians as human shields, to stop military progress and hit targets Aldoaash," stressing that "security forces have taken a number of measures and actions that aim to isolate the populated areas, which includes civilians to preserve their lives, and that the security forces are keen to re-Fallujah to her family. "

The interior minister said that "80 percent of Fallujah's population has left the city before the start of the liberalization process," noting that "Daash prevents the remaining civilians in the city from going out, but we will do our best to avoid civilian casualties."

He pointed out that "police forces will work to make great efforts in restoring services and police stations to the liberated areas, in addition to the participation of civil defense groups in clear areas and roads of improvised explosive devices planted by Daash terrorist gangs."

Ghabban said, "The troops are determined to achieve victory and restore safety and security to the city, re-displaced families and the displaced to their homes."

For his part, the federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat that "the federal police forces managed to open safe corridors exit of civilians from the city and evacuate them to safe areas," pointing to "the killing of large numbers of Aldoaash including 80 foreigners, dressed in military uniforms and suicide vests, during military operations which destroyed the block lines Aldaashah. "
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