Electrical and Electronic Industries entered into a partnership to assemble transformers

2016/5/25 9:56

Where - Baghdad]

General Company for Electrical and Electronic Industries announced the conclusion of a contract with the Post prairie Qsoa company to assemble transformers.

He said the company's general director Mohammad Qasim Tawfiq said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "Company entered into a contract to share with Qsoa prairie according to investment principle at work to assemble transformers and will equip the lab with equipment and machines for assembly by Astor Turkish company," adding that "technical delegation from the two companies and with support from the engineers and technical staff in the General Company for electrical Industries carried out the erection and operation of the drying oven for transformers with vacuum from the oven compartment, installation and operation of oil filtration system to rid it of impurities in addition to the installation and operation of dictation system by reverse pressure."

Tawfiq said that it has been completed and the collection and examination of 10 kva transformer capacity of 400 by the equipment in question and pass the interim examination and the final examination in the transformers of the Department of Quality Control Division within the company.