Allocating five billion dollars from the World Bank loan projects the provinces

Editor: AR
2016/05/24 12:42


Detect Qar Governor Yahya Naseri, Tuesday, in agreement with the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of planning to allocate five billion dollars from the World Bank loan projects, provinces that will contribute to the restoration of provincial projects and securing basic services and corporate debt.

Nasseri said in a statement received (range) ", previous meetings with the Prime Minister's Office and Ministry of planning resulted in an agreement to allocate some five billion dollars for the provinces of the total World Bank loan", stating that "in the event of delivery will mentioned customizations to address the financial problems that caused the interruption of projects and work prospects in future projects as well as corporate debt implications of the implementation of the projects.

He stressed the "importance of Nazarene loan and reflected positively on the implementation of projects both interrupted by the financial crisis or those approved under previous conservation and development plan approved by the Ministry of planning and have not been implemented or projects under the Declaration," expected to "contribute to supporting the local economy by those funds in the rehabilitation process of reconstruction and sustainability of project work and ensuring basic services for citizens and stimulate economic movement."

The number of projects that stopped in Dhi Qar 444 because of lack of funding projects that span 22 decongest and development sector.

Scores of entrepreneurs and business owners in Dhi demonstrated, (26 August 2015), in front of the governorate building to demand payment of financial benefits for 2013, indicated that funds earmarked to fund conservation projects covers only 10% of dues did Olin, threatened to protest if their demands are not met.

Governor of Dhi Qar, (14 June 2015) that funds allocated to projects don't cover the debts of companies and contractors, disclosed that conservative management GM approved by the Cabinet recently in repaying that debt, according to the percentages achieved in the completion of projects.

Governor of Dhi Qar, (14 June 2015), to fund conservation projects and the approved plan in this field requires more than 800 billion dinars in General, noting that debts due and payable on the work accomplished the projects requires more than 115 billion dinars.

DHI Council, announced on 23 April 2014, it unanimously voted to balance regional development plan projects worth 992 billion dinars, promise "big budget" in the history of the province, it includes more than 340 projects span 20 decongest and development sectors, however, the plan could not be implemented because the federal budget for 2014.