Presidency: a memorandum of understanding to activate the national and community reconciliation

5/25/2016 0:00

Baghdad , Omar Abdel - Latif

approaching the three presidencies in addition to the judicial authority of the signing of the memorandum of understanding between Iraq and one of the international institutions to activate the national and community reconciliation , especially in the liberated areas of "Daash" terrorist elements, to restore the social fabric which shares terror tore it apart somewhat in those areas .

Presidential Advisor Dr. Qahtan al - Jubouri, he explained, in an interview for the "morning", said a delegation of members of the Committee of Seven , composed of representatives of both the House and the ministers and the Supreme Judicial national reconciliation in addition to the presidency, met during a visit to Italy at the invitation of the Vatican, great personalities on the level of minister and agents Foreign Ministry officials , Italian and ambassadors superpower such as Britain, France and Germany states, as well as the institution concerned with the affairs of reconciliation strong arm of the Vatican and longer, pointing to agree on a joint action mechanisms full program towards the implementation of a project of national and community reconciliation , especially after the ninth of June in 2014 and the occupation of gangs "Daash" large swaths of Iraqi territory , which is very large societal problems , was born at the village level and the judiciary and the province was the outcome of a great destruction of infrastructure in these provinces.

Jubouri said the meetings focused with these characters on how to support national and community reconciliation in the country in addition to the support of Iraq rebuild the cities that were destroyed as a result of the entry of "Daash" to it, describing the meetings and the visit as "good" and agreed that there would be conferences about national and community reconciliation and towards interfaith dialogue, as well as supporting those countries for Iraq to rebuild the cities that were destroyed as a result of the war with . " Daash "terrorist.

Jubouri pointed out that the delegation agreed with the institution based in the Vatican, the sponsor of more than 25 reconciliation process at the level of Africa and South America, the activation of national and community reconciliation in the country and some other points that means building state institutions, adding that the memorandum has been completed now that were sent from by the international Foundation to the Iraqi side and distributed to the three presidencies and the judiciary and added to it some points.

He Presidential Advisor hope to sign a memorandum in the coming stage, pointing out that it would do the media and will be signed during a press conference domestic and international , and the presence of major.

did not hide Jubouri that the situation political and security crises occurring in the field of legislation and implementation has overshadowed the work of the Commission, but it is fruitful meetings achieved after returning from Italy and is in the process of signing of this memorandum , which is a road map between Iraq and the international community for this project to activate large representative national reconciliation, stressing the insistence of presidencies three and judicial power to achieve a project of national and community reconciliation and implementation, and begin the process of Iraq 's reconstruction and building state institutions.