International loan challenges

Author: Yasser incumbent

5/25/2016 0:00

Economic center is busy these days the international loan allocated by the World Bank to Iraq after negotiations lasted for quite a few, have been confronted with several loan criticism from various political and parliamentary circles but Maehmna Hnawtava to Restrict this page to see economists. Government adoption of hopes and wide on this loan to overcome the effects of the painful financial crisis faced by the country due to falling oil prices , 'with a number of experts news of this loan was received cautiously so in the belief that lending is another solution.

Legitimate concerns expressed by those in the belief Billabih loan promised loan gray especially the way they announced which did not make clear what are the conditions and demands imposed by the international Monetary Fund about this loan.

economists believe that it is transparent and can not according to his announcement this image analysis and extrapolation of the results and repercussions on the economic reality that I find them any »vision experts» someone who follows and interested economic affairs mission to help decision - makers to direct the right direction loan resources.

therefore , the international loan exposure to the many criticisms at the same time , many saw it as important to save the country from financial ordeal suffocating, we see in this movement it is important Maabos hope in the possibility of overcoming the crisis experienced by the country provided good use of the loan, and all that was said about the tightening of international and local monitoring of aspects of exchange do not sing observers, meaning that that need requires detection mechanisms and conditions imposed by the international Monetary Fund on Iraq with full transparency so they can be evaluated this loan (Iaawhit, Iaasud)

if it is is essential that the government restore its ability to guide towards the enhancement of its reform program, especially on income diversification away from oil royalties by activating the productive sector and the implementation of the development program launch lending initiative loan resources.

Otherwise wasted loan money the country will carry the brunt of the burden of paid and benefits, and thus sentenced Black to the loan, but if the resources directed to activate the productive sector and support growth programs properly , it will be a loan Awhit.lknh to now gray and pending cashed trends to achieve the desired goals.