Iraq participates economic meeting in Egypt for the establishment of a technical team for Consumer Protection

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Economy News / Baghdad ...

Iraq participates in the meetings of the follow-up and implementation which will be held in Egypt for the period from 24-26 of this month, hosted by the Arab League delegation headed by Director General of the Department of Economic Relations and Trade, Ministry of Commerce.

A statement by the Ministry of Commerce, "Economy News" received a copy of it, that "the Iraqi delegation will take part in meetings of the Implementation Committee and the follow-up emanating from the Arab Economic and Social Council meetings, which discusses the eight items of the most important follow-up application of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area and the source of the bill associated with mutual shipments within the region Greater Arab Free trade, in addition to the third item report contains the recommendations of the group of experts and specialists in the field of competition and monopoly control in the Arab countries. "

"The meetings of the Arab committee will include the establishment of a technical team to protect the consumer, as well as the barriers to the application of the standard unified Arab standards."

He explained, "either in the Sixth item of the Committee are discussed standardized form of periodic reports for the Greater Arab Free Trade Area, and in Section VII discusses the General Union of cooperation, chambers of commerce, industry and Agriculture for Arab Countries Report and in the eighth item report and recommendations of the ad hoc Group to establish a mechanism for commercial processors."

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