Newspaper: Jubouri client "Leona Oil" bribe Iraqi officials with the knowledge of US authorities!

Writings Tuesday , 24th May 2016
Translation Lamis Mr. newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald , The Australian said that Ahmed al - Jubouri, a broker Leona Oil Company , the largest bribes scandal in the history of Iraq, was exercising his dealings with suspicious companies under the umbrella of the US Department of Justice and the FBI.

The paper said that al - Jubouri was possessed more than one company in America, we are contributing with businessman Shakir al - Khafaji , who has been linked Interestingly doubts about the Iraqi oil - for - food exchange of the United Nations Programme during the rule of Saddam Hassan company.

The paper and drew it in spite of the work of al - Jubouri , under the umbrella of American law, which imposes stronger anti-bribery systems in the world, but he has proven over the obstructed monitor global security agencies of corruption and arrested.

The Jubouri sends his speeches to his partners in the operations Leona Oil company, through his companies "Armada Group", at its headquarters in the state of Michigan America, under US law, which recognizes that owning company at least one under the jurisdiction of US laws, with illegal practices are bound to put it is personally subject to US laws. For its part, the US Justice Department declined to comment on the affair Jubouri.

Through the network relations dilated, Leona Oil Jubouri company promised one million US dollars in favor of the oil services company British Petrofac at auctions war against rival Weatherford International Inc. at its headquarters in the city of Houston, Texas.

She the newspaper that " the international procurement and contracting" for the owners Jubouri Khafaji, founded in 2009, was originally connected Barmada Group and Leona Oil, Inc., but they have denied any connection to the company their own these companies despite the fact that the old version of the site Armada Group was included this company within the trading partners.

The newspaper reported that al - Khafaji record was not a clean reputation, where he had spent four months in a US prison in the eighties on charges of smuggling weapons from customs to Iraq, and he was given a huge funding for weapons inspector checks on earlier in Iraq is "Scott Ritter" so writes report critical of the Iraq and described by the phrase "Tiger toothless", meaning that it does not constitute any damage, in order to lift the sanctions Nations Mahdh Commission for Iraq, but he was on the list of the United States , which separates the recipients of the powers of Saddam Hussein to sell oil in exchange for food , according to the program United nations.