Sabhan Defense Minister: standing at the same distance with all Iraqi political forces

Since 2016-05-24 at 12:00 (Baghdad time)

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Defence Minister Chukwuemeka Obeidi, Saudi Ambassador THAMER Sabhan, where the latter stressed the Kingdom parking distance from all Iraqi political forces and readiness to establish better relations with Iraq.

The Defense Ministry said in a statement received/balance of news copy, that "during the meeting made Ambassador congratulations major victories achieved by the Iraqi armed forces in theatres of operation", adding that "Iraqis face Islamic State and radical idea grew defending the security and stability of the Middle East as a result of its vital interests."

The statement added that "Sabhan parking stressed the Kingdom at the same distance from all Iraqi political forces and readiness to establish better relations with Iraq in all areas and enhance the security and stability of Iraq and its national unity and rebuild what has been shattered by war."

The Ambassador expressed "Saudi Arabia's desire and willingness to improve cooperation between Iraq, Saudi Arabia, defense ministries without specific ceiling for such cooperation and to serve the needs of the Iraqi armed forces in all areas, and that Saudi Arabia intends to appoint military attaché in Baghdad very soon."

"The Defence Minister stressed keenness of Iraq establish the best relations with neighbours and Arab surroundings, his hand stretched out to all on the basis of the principles of brotherhood and good neighbourliness and non-interference in internal affairs and fighting extremist ideology and aggression that targets the region all other exception, praising the Kingdom's desire to develop cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Defense and a willingness to deal with it positively, providing at the same time thanks to humanitarian aid provided by Saudi Arabia to Iraq lately, and a willingness to explore the practical mechanisms that would facilitate the access of these Aid for displaced ended 29/24