The Iraqi Ministry of Defense: the 17th Infantry Division launched a military operation within the eastern axis of the city of Fallujah
Wrote: May 24, 2016

Iraqi Ministry of Defense confirmed that the formations of the leadership of the seventeenth Infantry Division launched a major military operation within the eastern hub for the Liberation of the city of Fallujah with the participation of the popular crowd and the attribution of heavy artillery.

The ministry noted that the operation were distributed to My brigade infantry fifth and sixtieth sessions within the regions of Zoba and Bustan al-Tikriti, and the return of thanks and bridge Alveban and villages beauties and Ma'ameer, and resulted in the killing of four members of al-Daash and the dismantling of a large number of improvised explosive devices by the engineering effort for the band who had a role in the construction of earth mounds fighters and the opening of safe corridors for families coming from the city of Fallujah.