Transportation intends to implement a railway line Bozrah - Falmjh by investing
Wrote: May 24, 2016

General Company for Railways are going to implement a project to connect the line (Basra - Falmjh) between Iraq and Iran after the presentation on investment.

The director of transportation and operation department of the Ministry of Transport company Jawad Kadhim said the company demanded in order to facilitate the transfer of passengers to visit the holy sites in Iraq, in addition to the transport of goods, it plans to implement a project to connect the line (Basra - Falmjh) of a length of 32 km, between the province of Basra and the city Iranian Khorramshahr after a presentation to the investment, adding that the project will play a major role in promoting trade between the two countries.

He said the Iranian side will implement a navigation slot bridge stretches across the Shatt al-Arab parallel to the bridge (formerly Khalid) located within the Iranian border, while the Iraq remaining the implementation of the project, pointing out that the lack of financial allocations had prevented the implementation of the project, prompting the company to currently joint investment.

He noted Kazim that in the event of completing the project, it will be the transfer of seven thousand passengers a month, along with the transfer of nearly 750 loads a bus with goods, and thus it will help ease the case of momentum taking place in the border crossing points between the two countries, especially in the religious events as well as increase the trade exchange movement.

He pointed out that the company intends to activate all the rail with which it has with neighboring countries such as Syria and Turkey lines after the stability of the security situation in the country, in addition to working to expand globally by linking the country Skkia with other countries.