Jabouri: transient will preserve communal bloc Iraq than going through

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Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim Al-Juburi defended a document of honor. He believes in it, he also supported the idea of forming a cross-sectarian bloc project, asked the President of the Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, confirmed it was investigating the idea of loyalty and non-partisanship. He stressed that political parties went away from the root of the problem, and started talking about a citizen influence and that this crisis prompted some to talk about things and benefits imposed by an interest now.

Below is the script:

There are those who say that you provide your resignations could heal the text in Parliament, you can conclude your Presidency to serve Iraqis and reminds you to contribute to ending the political stalemate?

At the time of the crisis was the resignation in my pocket, and I was willing to make and informed parliamentary blocs, as some ladies and gentlemen of other forces in the Council, the role of Parliament is not a requirement of the podium, but from anywhere, so its important to try as much as possible performed under difficult circumstance through it, something which balances the need to move the wheel forward without problems, and the President's initiative came when I said to vote The Board, isn't this the case that the Board votes acceptance and lead or dissatisfaction with the appeal or not to appeal, that saw total is what can give him and accept him. Haven't made any yet see beyond it, so that I can be convinced that the idea of folding chair is a key point in marketing can fix that problems exist, however all I have met, I was talking with them that no red lines before any solution can turn to, but according to the logic of law and the Constitution and until this very moment dialogues list.

You would have to deal with this situation. Were there you interrupted her parties in dialogue to get out of this crisis?

What was my order but take all the ways in which we address the situation, and did not exclude that one encounters and communication, visited Mr Maliki head of State of law coalition and Mr Iyad Allawi national coalition and Mr Ammar al-Hakim of the Islamic Supreme Council and the President of the Republic Fouad Massoum and many political forces, in Baghdad and up in Erbil. What was the us's search for solutions to the crisis that resulted from the President's proposal to hold a session headed by personal choice, and actually was choosing sadoun Al-dulaimi to the Chair, and I came upon this basis, you know that the meeting House to talk with, and I should answer, voting to stay or not to stay, and you wish to run the script on that basis, but there is some sort of kinds, and how was born the impression that it's not in the way that we agreed on.

It is suggested that this moment locked doors on ports solution?

Yes some people believe it but I was communicating even with fraternity house the protestors, who were later known as the reform front, and many characters I connected with them, some brothers of them jealous and grownups, and look together for a solution to the benefit of the House, for the duration of 10 days was the age at the time, I didn't let me to hold a hearing, and no brothers in the Presidency of the Council, we believe that it's important not to make the Board row, it is important to hold a comprehensive, systematic, and still this and that Emphasized in recent meetings, either in Baghdad or in Sulaimaniya is to end this dispute and to hold a comprehensive. What's the point of an invitation to convene committees and Parliament suffers from paralysis, and even somewhat split? Our invitation to hold the meeting of committees, work is important, that will break the psychological barrier exists, and then create the Board building supplies and repairing damage.

What is the cost of the damage done to the Council after the army stormed by protesters.

The cost of the damage after the demonstrators that need repair, according to the documents, is more than two billion Iraqi dinar, the cost of repairing audio system circuit destroyed, alone and $ 800 million, according to estimates by the views of general managers in the House. What a tale your picture in front of the white couch? What happened from there deliberately to misrepresent the topic about its origin and its turning into partial and photographed as they are all, as significant character image and symbolism, I stopped in front of the blood (alkonfh) couch, had blood thickly, not drops, is more problematic, and I wondered about its origin, we asked the parties to take investigative and informal (DNA), it seems that photography emerged and blood relationship with the knife on the desk was a complete fabrication and a lie, what we want is to make sure the source blood, for, this firm in my beliefs. The lives of Iraqis and their interests and their lives are for the Foundation.

What is the next step for you and the Kurdistan blocs Coalition refuses to return to Baghdad under these circumstances?

What we wish to determine its position towards closer to attend as well as brothers who have objection, I mean their brothers in front of reform, they had formed committees to negotiate, and we welcome this aspect, so look in the next step we want to lead the Parliament session and his mission, and we are open to any variation of the solution, leading to lead Parliament legislative session.

Are you ready to negotiate again with the protestors in front of reform?

Now we can't call them sit, but they're not satisfied, and they talked about forming a delegation of talk shows, we do not reject the idea of dialogue, but welcome any way then work through problem solving in his approval of logic and law, and all parties that have contributed to bring the views and played a positive role in this regard.

Don't you think that explosions and collapse of the security situation that requires the House to heal rifts return form which can identify the causes of these altdaiat and the accountability of the security services concerned?

I think if these bombings motivated us even nltam, I don't think there is a reason one way or another to get together, because the Iraqi blood is the most expensive of everything for us. There are those who say that the current political system because in crises. Do you have an alternative system of the existing quota system? What has been raised by his sharecropping system conditions and circumstances, but an alternative that we agreed on is to choose efficiency and owners of the potential and ability to manage enterprises and especially we are in why we address many of the current crises, so those characters must be found, but how can we balance between that and the partnership believes every political blocks, until you feel confident with each other and their ability to manage state and responsibility, and that's what we have to look for him, and I think that the ideal solution is يتبوء to manage the Executive ministries and institutions competent persons with experience and ability and bluffer for fulfilling this role.

Do you think the side conversations without setting an agenda for the points of disagreement which meets most of the parties can bring, and thus out of the crisis?

Through my dialogues with the political parties, not questioning the intentions of all parties to move the wheel forward, actually the reality is being reformed, yes it can be some parties make this crisis an opportunity to talk about entitlements and found it posed to interest right now, but don't touch the encouraging trends to address the current problem and finding a strategy to address the problems raised earlier if clearly. In my meetings with the four Kurdish parties in Iraqi Kurdistan, which attempted to have the immutable principle, is to position the issues in Baghdad should be uniform, and some said that there must be political problematic maalmetha, and some said that there must be security assurances, and others went to the need for coordination with the political parties.

But don't you think that the political parties went away with the term reform, conflict over partisan gains benefits away from the reforms the truth?

What we regret that some political parties went away from the root of the problem, and began again speaking citizen influence and enable the interests of many parties her attraction to this effect, but in the fact that there is this crisis first, what am I missing regimentation wish list for these parties in Iran remains existed and presence, this political agreement document referred to the President of the Republic, and I was among the signers believing in partnership, there are other philosophy, go to overcome what has been agreed upon, I think in my conviction that the time is not ripe Now, it needs to initialize.

What do you think of the contents of a document of honor.

Its what? Document the political agreement which was signed in the Office of the President of the Republic was named honorary document, but so promoted, I signed and locked, because it includes, as well as the principle of political partnership need basic legislation and important achievement associated with the Iraqi Street and demands for reform should be implemented, not only within the ministries, bodies and agencies, and rejected the principle of State administration agency.

What is your position on draft form a cross-sectarian bloc, several parties also raised, including the head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar Hakim?

I support the idea of a trans-denominational project that was thrown by Ammar al-Hakim, we believe, very important during this phase to move him, because the way that staves off what Iraq is going through difficult circumstances, thus achieving a sort of political harmony, can bring some sort of political majority and can bring the idea of loyalty and non-partisanship, is conducive to a democratic State can accept them.

Have you already stayed lawsuits against a number of MPs on charges of sabotaging the constitutional Hall equipment, as well as against the number of protesters arrested for breaking into the Board and its assets?

As regards the merits, there is no lawsuit or move the proceedings against any parliamentary or other personalities until this moment, but followed all legal and judicial proceedings, the judge investigating his duties and legal and judicial requirements installation of scanning fingerprints and other, and llmtzerr the right to sue, we in the Organization are eager to follow the course of law, the Da'i who is aggrieved account.

Calls for early elections to be a constitutional solution to the ongoing crisis on average?

This project was not absent from the discussions, the idea of early elections have supplies, but there are obstacles and problems facing us and are also obstacles to implementation.