Is "corruption" Stnhetti government in Iraq?

2016-05-23 20:15:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

All eyes back to corruption in several countries around the world, since the publication of what was known as the "documentation Panama." But the level reached by the corruption in Iraq, came as a surprise even to the Iraqis themselves, prompting some of them to go out in demonstrations, and the storming of the Iraqi parliament building , demanding reforms, and to hold looters of the country 's wealth.

Iraqi official estimated the amount of money lost due to corruption of Iraq more than $ 300 billion, or fifteen times the amount that Iraq is seeking to borrow. He wrote in the newspaper National Antrest, American, Louay Khatib, a fellow of the International Energy Policy Center of the University of Columbia , a number of financial institutions, the Swiss and others, it turned a long - time party for politicians accused of corruption, denied them, and among them well - known, as a bank HSBC names British, charges By preserving money illegally.

Encouraging signs

Khatib said: " the industrial world can not stand silent in front of more such surprises, otherwise the aid and loans will enter weak countries, quickly and seep toward the pockets of some corrupt leaders." But, there are encouraging signs point to move governments and financial auditors by the revelations and documents Panama. Soon, the US Treasury Department will announce claims of banks in order to detect the angel of fake companies. In the United Kingdom, the Financial Select observers deadline for banks to reveal details of their customers relations company Musak Fonseca, company stands at the center of the current storm. "


Khatib draws to Iraq , which suffers, unfortunately, from rampant corruption, will undergo a crucial test in the context of this new activity. The needs of this country, too, to recover looted assets, because it is in dire need of funds in order to fight Daash, and to rebuild what was destroyed by wars.

Fortunately, the "United States is leading these efforts through the formation to recover the loot Initiative (KARI), but there is a need for more international cooperation. In Iraq, it is necessary to allocate financial aid to Mast in order to train people to control and preventing corruption."

A change

Khatib and refers to young Iraqis trying to actually bring about changes in the Iraqi government, and the challenge is to create a culture of expression. This requires the availability of a new building possibilities are an international format. As an example, the Supreme Council for the Development of Education, an Iraqi organization, sending four thousand Iraqi students to be trained outside the country in order to support the ministerial potential, and has allocated a budget of $ 100 million, last year. It is the duty of the international community to work to support such initiatives, especially in light of the allocation of huge sums of hostilities.

Asset Recovery

The writer says that the development of asset recovery and civil service possibilities much better than traditional forms of assistance. The United States has tried to allocating $ 60 billion for Iraq reconstruction projects, including several facilities pose schools and prisons. But fortune is estimated at $ 700 billion, from the proceeds of Iraqi oil, not much has been achieved due to corruption and mismanagement.

Unfortunately, Khatib says, this tale familiar to the Iraqis, who live in a country setting, according to an index measuring public corruption, ranked 171 in the world. Since a long time, it is linked to corruption in Iraq, weak accountability and poor governance. And ranged estimates of the amount of money stolen in Iraq between US $ 100 billion since 2003, and twenty billion dollars lost in 2003 alone.

Iraqi official estimated the amount of money lost due to corruption of Iraq more than $ 300 billion, or fifteen times the amount that Iraq is seeking to borrow.

The attention of the writer to the worsening state of corruption. I have delivered in 2005 to 27 alarms official in the Iraqi defense ministry on charges of theft of more than a billion dollars. By 2012, the Integrity Commission investigated 14 officials at the Ministry of Defense for receiving bribes through the arms deal worth $ 4.2 billion.

Fake companies

Ahmad Chalabi revealed last year that there are about 30 companies reap nearly $ 4 billion, through the falsification of lists to buy, receive funds from the Central Bank of Iraq.

Sees Khatib , it is regrettable that the Iraqi Central Bank funding and fake projects, through false invoices, which practices fall short in his opinion, to the point of killing Iraqis by depriving them of their livelihood and their salaries, which are often delayed, as well as the looting of their country 's wealth.