Jubouri: We will meet with heads of blocs and determine the date for the parliamentary session

05/23/2016 17:44:58

BAGHDAD / obelisk said Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Monday, he will meet next Tuesday with heads of political blocs, pointing out that Parliament is moving to set a date for resuming its sessions, hoping to be "comprehensive" hearing.

He said al-Jubouri, in a press conference in Arbil, and I followed, "obelisk", that "the meeting was fruitful Kurdish personalities, but we have seen a great interest in the need to continue the legislative work of the Foundation and to proceed to the return of parliament and restore its role."

He continued, "We will meet Tuesday with the heads of parliamentary blocs and we will determine the direction of the House of Representatives session that we hope to be comprehensive and attended by all" date.