The Arab Contractors invites investors to take advantage of the $ 21 billion worth of projects in Iraq

2016/05/23 16:50

Arab Contractors Union called Monday, Arabic countries to invest in Iraq and carry out reconstruction projects in infrastructure, stating that the value of projects available there approximately 21 billion dollars, while the Iraqi Ambassador to Jordan, confirmed that the reconstruction of Iraq is a "fighting terrorism", stating that Iraq "has done much to everyone and waits for the Arabs and the international community to help rebuild the country.

This came during a Conference and exhibition (Arab Iraq.. reconstruction and investment of 2016), organized by the Federation in cooperation with the Ministry of works and housing of Jordan, from 22-24 may 2016 present, in Oman's capital, with the participation of hundreds of Arab and foreign businessmen, according to The daily Jordan Times Jordan Jordan times, and I've followed it (long press).

The Union said Hammadi, in his word, that "the Conference constitutes a real opportunity for companies to identify investment opportunities Arabic and reconstruction projects in Iraq," adding that "Iraq can secure projects and investment opportunities worth up to 21 billion dollars, especially in the field of reconstruction of infrastructure."

Hammadi called Arabic countries to offer more to participate in the reconstruction of Iraq, "urging the Arabic for financial and banking institutions to" exercise an effective role in the reconstruction of Iraq by securing funding for projects.

The Iraqi Ambassador said in Jordan, Safia Suhail, during the Conference, that "Jordan could contribute to an important role in the reconstruction of Iraq," calling on businessmen to develop partnership contribute effectively in the reconstruction of Iraq. "

Suhail said, "the reconstruction of Iraq is a President to fight terrorism," adding that "Iraq has done much to everyone and waits for the Arabs and the international community to help rebuild the country."

Union spokesman Arab contractors, Awad, said in media statements that exhibition for the Conference, which takes place on an area of 1500 square meters, targeting sectors contracting and real estate development, construction equipment and materials, and the infrastructure of water, electricity, communications, transport, banking and financial institutions, noting that the Conference represents an opportunity for Jordanian businesses and headquarters sectors representatives Arabic attempts, construction and real estate developers and investors, to identify projects and investment opportunities in Iraq, and partnerships between various companies and investment channels open through Jordan with Iraq.

And includes the work of the Conference, eight meetings where Iraqi officials available investment opportunities and projects, current and future stalled in various sectors and size of funding especially reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist attacks and the editor, seeing the Iraqi ministries for those projects, as they offer the role of unions and Iraqi banks and Arabic and programmes of international organizations working in reconstruction and investment and lending and funding possibilities as well as the Ministry of Finance of Iraq and possible safeguards.

Iraqi officials also presents Iraqi investment law and legislation for reconstruction and investment, the role of banks in Arabic and Iraqi reconstruction and investment, as well as the role of international organizations in Iraq and their programs and funding.