Representatives of Europe in Baghdad, expressing deep concern of the political situation in Iraq

2016/5/23 15:19


The heads of the diplomatic missions of the European Fourteen expressed serious concern at the political situation in the country, and confirmed their support for the efforts made by the three presidencies and political leaders in parliament in order to find a peaceful and sustainable way forward.

A statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it from the European Union mission that "respect for human rights is important, especially at this sensitive time, that people have a democratic right to express himself freely and peacefully in the street which is vital and is part of the Iraqi reform program ".

"The heads of European missions fourteen claim to political leaders to engage the emergency in peaceful dialogue to diagnose the differences that hinder the work of the parliament. As they claim Iraqi parliamentarians to meet in parliament for a consensus on the fight against corruption and carry out political and economic reforms demanded by the Iraqi people."

According to the statement, "It is very important that the Iraqi leadership appears ready to lead the country forward with sustainable solutions and reconciliation at this crucial time in Iraq's history. This is only through unity of moderation and solutions and to cooperate with the ability to meet all of the Iraqi people's needs and give it priority. Effective reform can if being able to Iraqi institutions of the work in a safe environment. "

The statement concluded by saying that "the heads of European missions are still continuing to provide humanitarian and financial support to Iraq and its people, to reach national reconciliation, stability and reconstruction. It is still member states of continuous efforts by the international coalition in support of Iraqi forces in the war against Daash."