Iqbal discuss with the French consul in southern Iraq, the project of building schools on credit

2016/5/23 15:36


Discuss Education Minister Mohammad Iqbal Omar pharmacist, with the French consul in southern Iraq just Alknzawa build schools on credit in all its stages and details.

According to a statement issued by the Information Office of the Minister of Education Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Monday, "Iqbal said during the meeting the importance of being executed for school projects companies in Iraq is guaranteed by the French government companies, to ensure their work, and hold them accountable for the quality and ensure the application specifications Iraqi in those schools, "noting that" Iraq today is suffering from a severe shortage of school buildings, especially if another campaign to build schools in Iraq was in 1986, and that the latter statistic is the Ministry of planning stressed the need for Iraq over the next six years to 20 thousand schools, necessitating provide international budgets of major campaigns of construction required. "

The minister pointed out that "The ministry has obtained the approval of the construction of 200 schools on credit within the 2016 budget, and in cooperation with the Iraqi authorities concerned, the ministry has received several offers from American companies, and the Australian and Turkish, and major Chinese," and expressed "the wish to enter the giant to French companies those projects. "

For his part, Alkinsa that "the French company said would be guaranteed by the French government, as it will build schools projects by modern methods and technology world have been reached in 2015, and a record time time, and features efficient, and each one of them 24-description, as well as Altottat and processing all essential supplies, taking care to be one of the world's best French companies. "