"State law" confirms agreement to convene a parliamentary session "to vote on Council Presidency

2016/05/23 14:50


The State of law coalition said Monday that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, agree with the political blocs except for the Sadrists, a parliamentary hearing on "comprehensive" in the presence of the parties to the conflict, during which the Presidency vote again, their results are "bound" to everyone, stating that it is a result of two cancelled on 14 and 26 April 2016.

The leader of the Coalition, Salah Abdul Razzaq, told the (long press) the political blocs, "I realized that the return of Parliament constitutes the first step to resolving the current crisis and avoid its repercussions which disconcerted the Government and security and political conditions," returned to "requires the presence of understanding between lower front protesters and the rest of the other blocks.

He said Abdul Razak, the head of State of law Coalition, Maliki approved dialogue initiative political blocs including the Union forces, except for the Sadrists, who under his presence to vote on Cabinet cab. " , Except that "Maliki is the only one who can convince the parliamentary reform front deputies representing the protestors, comprehensive meeting of Parliament in the presence of the parties to the conflict, in which two are repealing 14 and 26 April 2016.

Maliki's coalition leadership explained, that "all parties have agreed to attend a session of Parliament to vote on the survival of the current Presidency, the results are binding on everyone, including the parliamentary reform front," adding that "the current Presidency will continue its work with confidence, eroded and reversed shunted prelude to agree on other alternative."

Al-Maliki, had called on Saturday, (21 may 2016 current), interested parties in the House of representatives to hold a hearing on a consensual context as the current crisis ends, unifying to begin the reform process and address the restoration of the prestige of the State, and continue to support our armed forces and the popular crowd to complete the entire cleansing operation Iraqi soil of terrorist Islamic State gangs abomination.

Thousands of demonstrators stormed especially followers of Sadr, (21 may 2016), green zone, headquarters of the Cabinet, leading to security forces confronted them with hot water and tear gas, then rubber bullets and neighborhood, killing at least two of them and injured hundreds, in a shocking development suggests how ante and popular discontent caused by "political sterility and lack of improvement services and corrupt accounting and real reforms, especially a lot of provinces witnessing continuous demonstrations since ( 31 July 2015) without evolution.

Thousands of Sadr demonstrators stormed in (30 April 2016) green zone, an Iraqi house building, central Baghdad, protesting the lack of comprehensive reforms, and blockaded the Parliament staff and some lawmakers after smashing furniture Hall Council meetings.