Opening of the project "pipeline" to deliver water to the Nahrawan, East of Baghdad

Monday 23 May 2016 14:45

Sumerian news //Baghdad

Baghdad Province, opened Monday, the project "pipeline" to deliver water to the Nahrawan, East of the capital spend indicating it saved 8 billion dinars by this project.

Governor of Baghdad Ali Al-Timimi said in a statement issued on the sidelines of the opening ceremony and the Sumerian news received a copy of it, to "project" water-carrier "line will eliminate water scarcity in Nahrawan, stating that" project implemented with direct execution and a length of 11 km.

Tamimi said that "project was implemented in cooperation between the Baghdad Water Directorate cadre", saying he "has been provided to nearly eight billion dinars was planned to spend to implement this project and stopped dispensing for lack of financial allocations.

Tamimi noted that "conservatism not helpless about this crisis if she managed those cadres to implement this important project which will eliminate water shortages in the Nahrawan by collecting a large number of pipes to be d-ring and clean drinking water to the Nahrawan, East of Baghdad.

Many areas of Baghdad and especially the parties considerable scarcity of drinking water, the project is still in Baghdad and especially discusses obliging the great due to financial items.