Completion of the construction of three new schools in Diyala

Since 2016-05-23 at 09:52 (Baghdad time)

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The General Directorate for education announced, Monday, on the completion of the construction of three schools in the County.

Director General for education Jaffar alzrkoshi in a statement meaning/balance of news/copy of it, to "build schools within Diyala reconstruction budget (auspicious) and reality (18) grade for each school, in addition to meeting the school laboratories and private health groups and management suite.

He added that "these schools were built in Khalis in areas it is most needed."

For his part, said the Director of school buildings at the Anis Mohammed education, "total value estimated at more than three billion dinars where one physical receipt of these schools and two under after receipt of simple observations.

He added, that "school works through Overture educational planning section in coordination with the district education departments in order to effectively and consistently direct students as of the next school year.

He said, "the completion of these projects is added to the series achievements on provincial in building and reconstruction of schools" over 29/34