Turkish Ambassador to infallible: we build relationships that respects the sovereignty of Iraq

2016/5/23 13:42

Discuss President Fouad Massoum Monday with Turkish Ambassador to Iraq Farouq kimakogi strengthen relations between the two countries.

A presidential statement said each agency receives Iraq [where] the infallible "greeted at the Peace Palace in Baghdad this morning Turkish Ambassador stressed the importance of bilateral relations between Iraq and Turkey on all levels, and the need to strengthen the interests of the peoples of the two friendly countries," he said, adding "If there were some circumstances it is necessary to cooperate to remove them, and carrying the Ambassador his greetings to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

For his part between the Turkish Ambassador his design to support Iraq in its war against terror and ISIS down Turkey in humanitarian aid to displaced people and returnees, saying Turkey's desire to develop friendly relations with Iraq based on respect for Iraq's sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs, and carried with him the greetings of President President Erdogan infallible. "