The first international exhibition for energy, the economy and investment banker

2016-05-23 12:31


Wasit governorate Administration said Monday, opening the first international fair for energy, the economy and investment on the land of Wasit textile industries company, indicated the participation of Iraqi and foreign companies specialized in the fields of energy and investment, confirmed that the show will provide a great opportunity for companies for investment opportunities in the province.

Governor of Wasit owner behind the Canyon (long press), that "the local government and in coordination with the Chamber of Commerce in Basra today opened the first international fair for energy and investment held on the Wasit textile industries company slogan (Wasit bread basket of Iraq)", noting that "the show was opened by the Vice Chairman of the Iraqi Parliament's Energy Commission on Danny and will continue until 26 may present, with the participation of dozens of Iraqi and foreign companies specializing in energy, economy and investment".

Valley said that "most of the foreign companies operating in the province, including Chinese and Shanghai OASIS wekazbrom and other other foreign companies have had a special participation in the aforementioned show besides dozens of Iraqi governmental and private companies."

Valley, said that "the purpose of the exhibition is to rotate the wheel of economy and attracting foreign companies to work in the province in various investment especially in the energy sector in addition to providing an opportunity to exchange experiences."

Local government in Basra established 2009 first economic exhibition with the participation of dozens of Government and private domestic companies and investors, and then combine the show dozens of wings that marked their displays almkhtfelh productivity, including heavy industry products and machinery and equipment and machinery.

The Wasit governorate and its Alcott (180 km southeast of Baghdad) is one of the provinces of economic, trade and agricultural resources the mission which makes them attractive to conservative investment companies.