State "agency". Abadi invites new Ministers receive their "agency"!

Last updated: May 23, 2016-9:59 am

Baghdad/Iraq News Network-

Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Monday, Omer bureaucracy commissioned new Ministers who voted in the House to receive their assignments, to attend cabinet meetings and complete a quorum.

alabadialiom source said: "last in some new Ministers (reshuffled), assuming his or her duties by proxy through orders issued bureaucracy even library didn't perform section tuckingToure in front of Parliament, for several reasons, including to dispose of the vacant ministries received, administered by Abadi currently own agency plus Prime.

"he added that" another reason why advocates of this directive, represent the need to complete the quorum of the Council of Ministers and undersecretaries dispensed ", noting that" guidance decree came the cabinets. "and committed the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, earlier, by a document issued by theThe General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, the Ministers all send their agents and on their behalf in case of their absence from Cabinet meetings for any reason, to complete the quorum for Council meetings.

According to informed sources, the invitation to attend the agents Abadi Cabinet is just to listen to opinions and not entitled to vote on any decision while the Cabinet source said: "the Council of Ministers to hold a hearing on 10/5/2016, the presence of only 10 Ministers, including three Ministers have been assigned to the Agency, for the purpose of completing a quorum." and the voice of the House of representatives, in an extraordinary session held in minor Hall, which saw the sardines, Parliament, the deputies refused protesters, Parliament Precis "unconstitutional" ,

Being "article", five Ministers and they are: ALA rich Health Minister, water resources Minister Bharat, Wafaa Al-mahdawi, Minister of labour and Social Affairs, and Abdul Razak Jalil, Minister for higher education and research, Akil Mahdi as Minister of culture.