Re-engineering the banks check the economic feasibility

5/23/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Imad emirate

explained academic d. Haider Frejee of the Faculty of Administration and Economics at the University of Mustansiriya: to begin the process of re - banks engineering will lead to a significant improvement in the bank 's profitability and financial performance overall, though the positive results Full may appear only in the medium term and possibly a relatively distant.

«He knew Frejee re - engineering process banks that it start again any from scratch and not a reform of the status quo or make changes leave infrastructures as it was full and abandon the old work processes ».

he Frejee in an interview for» morning »the departments of banks in general to face financial problems to proceed with implementation of the program re - engineering of their banks in order to overcome obstacles and improve performance, and the need to reduce administrative and operational costs ratio and delete activities that do not add value to bank customers in order to get rid of the burden of extra work is the product.

and the need to focus on customer service because it is the key to the success of the work of banks in general that it must determine the best of the customers who deal with them leads to achieve higher returns slides.

He pointed to the possibility of proposing a detailed program for the re - engineering of pilot lines represents General Iraqi banks if it wants to direct the implementation of their own programs to restore the banking engineering.

He explained: includes re - banks commitment of the top management of banks engineering program, which is a necessary condition for direct project planning and implementation, to declare its emphasis the need to change the direction of the customer service first and foremost , and the need for the participation of employees in the bank from all levels of management in this comprehensive program that starts from scratch and does not recognize traditional practices if were not flowing into the service goals of the bank.

He continued: this includes commitment to the formation of a working group of the most prominent specialists in various departments of banks and provide all the facilities required to get the job done in the best possible image, along with the financial situation of the financial and non - evaluation of all branches of the bank and its various activities and to identify strengths and weaknesses in this performance and all those responsible for the imbalances in the bank.

went Frejee: re - engineering to improve performance and attract customers and reduce costs and other project that aims, it can also include specific bank targets linked to the nature of his work and the various branches and activities of, and existing customers who are dealing with segments analysis Bank and Tdzithm according to specific criteria such as age, occupation and income level for individuals and the nature of the activity and the type of industry and others for businesses.

he continued: objectives include determining the prospective of the bank customers who can attract them by various means to become Daimyin of the bank, and change the culture of the bank and the adoption of an integrated program to spread a culture of customer service first , which represents the banking axis so that the introduction of staff development courses to accept the new culture and the dissemination of creativity and the spirit of teamwork and participation.

He concluded Frejee reference to a diverse set of procedures that vary from one bank to another, and focus all of the re - drafting of the various activities of the Bank towards achieving goals the new and improved level of service and performance bank account .

as well as the implementation and follow - up that includes the involvement of the largest number of workers in the process of change the root of this in order to ensure their success and follow up on implementation through a special task force, and attention should be paid to the possibility of the face of great difficulties and failures in implementation need to modify the program or take Fateful decisions.