Financial launches 25 billion dinars dues peasants Wasit last season
Long-Presse / Wasit
It announced the Wasit Provincial Council, on Sunday that the Ministry of Finance launched a $ 25 billion dinars dues peasants of the province on the quantities of grain that Soukoha last season, and while confirming that these amounts will be distributed next week between marketers, demanded the release of the remaining amounts owed by the ministry to speed up insurance amounts of the season.
The head of the Agricultural Committee in the provincial council Hashim al-Awadi said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Ministry of Finance launched a $ 25 billion dinars from the peasants and farmers dues in the province owed by the Ministry of Commerce for amounts Marketing last agricultural season in 2015," noting that "the concerned authorities in the province in turn will distribute this amount among the peasants and farmers next week, after a mechanism to ensure marketers get their dues even if a certain proportion of the total debt owed to them situation. "
He said al-Awadi, that "the mentioned amount will be distributed by nine billion and 997 million dinars to marketers Almkhozna compound, and eight billion and 935 million dinars to marketers pavement river and silo Kut Airport NUMANIYA, and the amount of four billion and 948 million dinars to marketers silo Essaouira, and four billion and 120 million dinars Essaouira Airport to marketers. "
He called al-Awadi, the Ministry of Finance to "launch the remaining amounts due them for marketers of wheat and hair last season, as well as to expedite securing funds for the current marketing season, and not delayed, as happened in the previous season."
The Agricultural Committee in the province demanded, in (August 2015), the Ministry of Commerce, regardless sums marketing wheat and barley crops owed by the ministry to farmers, amounting to about 550 billion dinars.
And he announced that the Department of Agriculture in Wasit province, in (July 2015), that the sum of the quantities of wheat and barley crops has reached more than 827 thousand tons, while confirmed that about 700 thousand tons were marketed to stores and malls government receipt, reported that 43 thousand tons have been keep the peasants seed or for the purposes of milling and 75 thousand tons were sold in a private barley local markets.
The Ministry of Agriculture announced earlier proximity to the self-sufficiency of some crops, including crop wheat and barley without security incidents that have occurred in a number of Iraqi provinces, indicating all developed plans to fill the shortage of crops by expanding cultivated in the central and southern regions.
The harvest of wheat and barley, of the most important crops grown in Iraq, and the government is trying to achieve self-sufficiency of them in spite of water problems and lack of energy and lack of receipt and storage silos, which is renewed every year.