Iraq received the first of the beginning of July the international loan installment

May 22, 2016 18:03
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Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister announced the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said Iraq will receive the first batch of early next July, the international loan, which is not less than six hundred million dollars.

Saleh said that the total amount of the loan of $ 5.4 billion, pointing out that he payout in the form of thirteen batch, thus indicating that the type of loan to be accessible and with few benefits of up to 1.6%.

Saleh pointed out that the disbursement of the loan will be made in many ways the main ones relate Palmhmolin subsidies and social care as well as investment projects, pointing out not to prejudice the ration cards and the amounts of the displaced.

He said that for the benefit of Basra on a special loan of half a billion, was one of the tasks of the IMF mission to Iraq, with respect to a share of the Kurdistan region of the loan, it will be according to the Iraqi Constitution without specifying further details.

The International Monetary Fund had recently agreed to lend Iraq $ 13 billion to meet the financial needs.

And the impact of falling oil prices on global markets since June 2014, largely on the Iraqi economy, which relies on oil to finance more than 90% of state spending, as well as the large costs of the war against the terrorist organization Daash.
News Agency Brathaalaguetsad