Iraqi ports: Philippine company is pouring the concrete for the three berths in the northern port of Umm Qasr

Dated: 22/05/2016 Sunday 5:22

Follow-up / Iraq today
The company Philippine Contracting hold a joint operation to build and manage three berths on the other side of the port of Umm Qasr, the northern part of the curriculum developmental for Iraqi ports so as to create 35 additional wharf up to 2018, to become the total sidewalks 83 pier to accommodate 29 million tons in the same year.

The company began work casting concrete interface sidewalks and squares and the completion of the lighting of the yards and sidewalks laying cables extending railway crane bridge relying on technicians and experts Belgique and digging interface sidewalks of the depth of the design of 12.5 m

and that these actions took place within the international standards, this has been confirmed by Anaam al-Bakr, director of the project, which was present and oriented in all stages of construction,

as Sharif al-Battat said representative of the Philippine company, said that "the work of the sidewalks is a summary of the work of 27 berth in a number of ports in the world and managed by the same company where they were to take advantage of all the previous and similar to create sidewalks business and promised to complete the project on schedule exact and that the company will, irrespective US $ 380 million on these three sidewalks to make it one of the newest ports in the world,

in reference to catch up with international ports and make them kiss traders and their wares, and on another level Iraqi ports company was keen on starting the implementation of Jordan's influential company in the trucks in and out of traffic program Iraqi ports in a joint operating agreement between the Iraqi ports company take Jordan to regulate the movement of trucks to enter the Iraqi ports as needed
sidewalks and linked electronically within the system worked by the company linked with all aspects of the work, starting the operations room through the entrances ports and ending with the management of the sidewalks to feed everyone unified data

It works out for everyone to smooth flow of movement and allow the required car only to enter without the other and recorded only within the database that has been prepared in the light actually registered the company's trucks, which calls for the rest of the carriers and owners of trucks registered their trucks the company to supply electronic card stuck in the forefront are on their light meta and approvals electronically to move the truck,

this is a unique step in the ports of the region to organize the smooth flow of movement within the Iraqi ports.