Representatives sitters" meet Barzani: It was a positive meeting on the next parliament session
22/05/2016 15:01 Number of Views: 307

BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press:

Front delegation met with Reform (sitters Representatives), on Sunday, the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani in Arbil, each of the delegation included MP Hisham al-Suhail, and Ahmed al-Jubouri, and Mahamat Nouri Alabdrih, and Nayef al-Shammari, and just Mahlawi.

The MP said Ahmed al-Jubouri, told the "Tomorrow's Press," that "meetings with Kurdish leaders included a discussion of ending the crisis and guide the political process within the framework of partnership with all parties to the dialogue process," noting that "front Reform formed a negotiating team and moved on all sides and began President of the Republic visited earlier, and today with Barzani and the meeting was a good and positive, and then we will go to Sulaymaniyah to meet with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Islamic movement for change and the Union and the rest of the outstanding players in the region. "

The al-Jubouri, said that "the most prominent themes that have been discussed is to end the crisis in a way dialogue and that the national interest is above all other considerations," explaining that "Barzani was responsive and with the change and reform state institutions include all and there will be a coordinating committees between the front of reform and the forces of Kurdistan."

He continued, "We went and openness to our brothers the Kurds because they are partners in the political process and represent a key component and important and they have a large parliamentary bloc in the House of Representatives."