Keywords: the next parliamentary session to vote on the cabin "technocrats"!

Last updated: May 22, 2016 - 13:30

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq expected the leader of the Dawa Party , MP Ali Keywords, Sunday, that includes the next parliamentary session , if held to vote on the completion of the ministerial cabin, pointing out that the security services put the full plans for the protection of parliamentary sessions and other institutions without prejudice to the right to demonstrate as long as it includes encroachment on state institutions.

Keywords and he said in a press statement today: that " the parliament session that was held will be during the vote on the remaining ministries and this will give a new impetus to the government to proceed with its work without problems or suffering." he added that "the Council of Representatives shall constitute a fundamental solution the political crisis, because it sends a message of reassurance to the Iraqi people that the political process is still okay and that the blocks are able to overcome the crisis, not to mention the urgent need to proceed with the rest of the reform items, including the vote on important laws.

"and that" our security forces have a good experience in the protection of state institutions any subversive operations and what happened in the past tried to stop Almnsudain hackers were clear demonstration while able to deter intruders and at the same time maintained a peaceful demonstration which is guaranteed by the constitution rights. "he Keywords that he" was put the necessary plans by the security services in the event of the parliament sessions to protect hearings without prejudice to the right to demonstrate as long as it involves a violation of state institutions. "